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Party-uri: Madame Boudoir – after work

Party-uri: Madame Boudoir – after work
Welcome to Bordello’s very special, very famous and loved night. Madame Boudoir will host the event, this is one night you will not forget. Live music, lots of people and a great atmosphere ensured by your host; it truely deserves the title of “hottest after work party in Bucharest”. There is ... Citeste in continuare dancing, drinks, laughter and live music.

Bordello Band performs in the live music section, the drinks are made by skilled bartenders and our madame will ensure that not a moment goes by without you having fun, and you will see what we mean if you stop by. One thing is for sure, you will not get a minute of boredom.

So grab some friends, colleagues and bosses and enjoy a quality night out.

It’s always best to book your table in advance, even a few days earlier, or we might not be able to provide you with sitting. For reservations as always call 0748 881 085 or mail us at

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